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Jill Karlin Butler

Eco NFT Gallery Community Leader

Jill is a visionary artist, an educator of the fully integrated sustainable living systems technologies of Ekotecture.

She inspires communities, and individuals world wide through creative communications to become self sustaining according to the principles of EKOTECTURE. Creating 100% self sustainable structures, infrastructures and methodologies to implement community awareness and participation in getting off the grid. She lectures, demonstrates and designs models and visions for communities implementing strategies that show communities and individuals how they can become self sustaining and profitable utilizing EKOTECTURE methodology.

She painsts using oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media...any surface is fair game Wall murals. She does custom house portraits, hand-painted tiles, hand-painted upholstery. She exhibits her art at Jackie Rogers in Palm Beach

She is a lifelong Yoga teacher who began practicing it at the age of seven and taught since she was a teenager. She was trained by the great Hatha Master BKS Iyengar and all his senior teachers. She is also certified in Kundalini Yoga which she currently teaches at Gyrotonicsatnam Studio in West Palm Beach.

Jill Karlin Butler
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