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Hena Venugopal

GreenTech Community Leader

Apart from being the GreenTech Community Leader Metagen DAO. Hena is also the CEO -Envied Futur and Unmoda. She is also the founder of "Verse The Party Club", Board Clean Incentive, DTCC- Innovation Strategy Director. She is proponent of sustainable fashion industry and a published author.

Hena is a strong believer that with unity, a sustainable world can be attained. Her commitment to climate change and spreading awareness towards the urgency of reducing carbon emissions through Metagen DAO ,Clean Incentive and Envied FutuR is applaudable. Envied FutuR is a 100% sustainable phygital fashion collection entrusted by the power of Blockchain. She has immense experience on Enterprise Blockchain as she leads Innovation Strategy for Project ION, which is a top 10 Blockchain project in Forbes rankings. As a published author of Verse the Party book, she believes in easening the entry barriers to innovative technology learning by simplifying the concepts in fun way. Passionate about women's leadership, she mentors the next generation of technology talent, supporting STEM and early-career programs including G100, Destination Imagination, Girls Who Code, and Inner Engineering Institute. As the GreenTech Community leader of Metagen( and partnering with Ekotecture, Hena works passionately on many initiatives of Metagen coin like Harvard Innovation Presidents challenge semifinalist protocol, Metaforest , Metaversity classes and building sustainable communities using recycled carbon neutral elements.

Hena Venugopal
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