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Dr. Manuel Guzman

Community Leader, Philippines

Dr. Manuel Guzman Jr, DD, PhD, is the Community Leader of Metagen in the Philippines.

He is the Country Manager of Bluesphere Digital NSW Australia and an international management consultant. Manny holds a 7th Degree Black Belt ShichiDan Okinawan KarateDo. He is also a Life Coach/NLP Practitioner/Hypnotherapist.

Manny is a Karate Sensei with more than 3 decades of experience propagating the holistic development of one's mind, body and spirit as primordial goal. He is an Alternative Medicine practitioner, NLP master practitioner, and hypnotherapist. He is a Certified life coach/ mentor. AUNLP Certified and Marshall Goldsmith Certified.

He is a Businessman and manager of small and medium enterprises, experienced in sales and marketing, account management, face-to-face selling, B2B negotiation, business management, and start-ups. A Business and management consultant to businesses, professionals, non-government and educational institutions, specializing on startups, and sales & marketing. He has more than 25 years of experience in design, development and delivery of training programs, and seminars/ workshops on successful entrepreneurship, with emphasis on micro-entrepreneurship, backyard business, and livelihood projects.

Dr. Manuel Guzman
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